NAV solutions for project management

For a few years we have had to do with a quickly developing production and service sector. A characteristic feature of this sector is the necessity of individual production as an element of a bigger project that requires management. It is also a great challenge for the company to skilfully and efficiently handle the processes in this type of the company. The opening of the global market forced enterpreneurs to implement new technologies, products, methods of organization and management. The new market requires rapid reactions to customer needs and flexibility.

Nowadays, the use of innovative solutions is the only way to improve the efficiency of management, build strong competitive position and obtain economic benefits.

It is a difficult and complex process. It can be achieved only thanks to the use NAV.MGT that is a part of a completely integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This programme allows to comprehensively supervise all company processes, efficiently and accurately estimate the costs of the new product production, analyze and plan the material flow (material supply) both in projects and production, control and minimize the costs of the enterprise.

Such a solution allows to:

  • Precisely plan and budget the project
  • Minimize the warehouse supplies
  • Optimally use the available production capacity
  • Have the stable collaboration with cooperators
  • Deliver ordered products/services to the customer on time
  • Accurately settle the project costs
  • Effectively analyze the production profitability

The additional asset of our solution is the open source code that allows us to constantly develop the software and adjust it to changes that take place in the market. Thanks to this, our customers are able to considerably shorten the time of the information flow between all the people involved in the project realization, increase the work effectiveness and minimize the possibility of mistakes in agreements.

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